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Case History

Case History

Case History 1

Female 15 years Card No.: SB0709

Course : Schizophrenia

The patient was from Punjabi family; her father was on Colonel Position in Army, in Pune. The problem occurred to her around 7 th Aug 2007. And subsequently her father contacted his mother, who was taking Neurotherapy treatment with Dr. Ajay Gandhi, who in turn gave my contact no.

As everybody knows, Schizophrenia is a brain disorder, characterized by delusions, hallucinations, other disturbances in thinking and communication, and by deteriorating social functioning.

The patient was having more or less above symptoms, in totally absent minded & frightened. The apparent cause was, she had been given punishment, by her teacher to go out of the class, for not preparing home work or so.

The problem started on 07/08/2007 and she came to Neurotherapy treatment on 01/09/2007 within a month. The first treatment I have given her with much difficulty, as she was much frightened and sleepy. The treatment I started as (I) UDF (II) (1) Gal, (1) Spl, (1) Liv-3 wala, (1) Mu-3 wala x 3 trts.

This treatment was given to earlier patient, to whom I directed to Shri Guruji, for similar problem. And Shri Guruji advised this treatment. The same I followed for this patient.

Her father told that they have taken medicines from Military Hospital. I requested to check up with the Doctor, as she is all the time sleepy., whether the doctor can change the medicines, as she is sleeping for about 20 hours a day., which is definite the effect of medicine, to such patients. From next day they stopped the medicines. After 2/3 treatments she was better for sleep, while giving she was totally awake. However she wanted her mother to be with her sitting next to her while giving treatment. And after next 2/3 treatments she was relaxed and taken treatments without any fear.

It was definite a progress.

However the TURNING POINT in this case was to come. On 11/09/2007, i.e. 7 Th treatments, after finishing her treatment, her mother wanted to take treatment.

At that time my clinic was one of the rooms of my residence. So asked whether she can see TV with my daughter

While giving treatment to her mother, we realized that the patient was not in TV hall. We all, her parents and I immediately searched for her, in the car, and in the lane. She was nowhere just I thought that I will ask my daughter as she was with her. And astonishingly she was in the kitchen with my daughter. She asked my daughter for noodles as she is hungry. And she was eating noodles prepared by my daughter. Really she was hungry, as she finished complete packet. very soon.


I realized the problem mostly lies here. I asked her mother, why she is so hungry. Her answer was she weighs about 80 kgs & now she is sleeping more, therefore, limited diet, she is trying. I then said to her mother that pl. give her regular diet, with NT trts. weight may not reduce, however it will not increase.

Here is my opinion— When the Hungriness is more, the Serum Calcium mostly is low. And Serum Calcium when low there is increased possibilities of Neurological problems. However it is a case of Punjabi well to do family, where the milk products are used abundantly. That means there are less chances of Low Calcium level. However with this incidence, I requested her father to take S. Calcium report, which he did next day, which was really alarming. (Report of Dt. 13-09-2007) It was 6.00, as against normal 9.0-11.0 The Thyroid report was normal. That means before one month, when the problem started, it must be quiet less, and this caused the problem. Then I started treatment UDF + 1.25 DCC. After 3 treatment of 1.25 DCC, i.e. after one week, the Calcium report was again taken, and it was 10.7(Report of 21-07-2007), very much normal. And soon she became normal, hungriness reduced, weight also reduced to 77 kgs, in this period.

Thus 01 st Sept to 11 Th Sept 7 treatments of UDF + 3 Treatments of normal W/O Pan were given. Further regular treatments were given upto 19-11-2007 Thus in this period total 43 treatments were given. Afterwards she gave CBSE Exam., in which she secured distinction also.

Surprisingly the problem arised again exactly after one year, with less severity. And with six treatments it was solved. Now she is well.

When Shri Guruji was in Pune, the patient, her parents, met him and took blessings from Shri Guruji.

Anil Bhalerao
Flat No. 3, Sai Heritage,
Shitolenagar, Sangvi,
PUNE – 411027

This article is published in the Souvenir of the 8th Annual Convention of World Federation of
Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra’s Neurotherapy - 2011

Case History 15

Sanjay A. Khot

Course :

Patient with a Normal birth. At the age of 18 yrs, i.e. 8½  yrs back Aug 1998 he fall down from the bus and got hurt On both the hands. Both hands were bandaged for 2 months. After 1 yr i.e. September 1999' he had jaundice which he came to know about after I mth. It was cured in another I mth with 15 days ayurvedic medicine. His weight was 57kgs at that time. In November 1999' patient started feeling weakness and gaps of – muscle in the Right Hand. He was taken to doctor, where he was given 12 injections of vitamins B12 in 15 days. After Vit B12 injections also there was no improvement. His palm grip reduced, started feeling more tired. He used to have loose motions oftenly for 8 days continuously after every 2-3 weeks. MD. DR. Shelke in his village gave suggestion to his Father to take him to Mumbai and visit a Docter in KEM Hospital in Mumbai. Dr. Shah suggested to go for MRI in Bhatia hospital. Patient was staying at his Uncles place in Virar. He was again given vitamin tablets by Dr. Shah. After seeing the MRI report he again suggested to go for EMG Test. After seeing the examination reports Dr Shah told patient and his family that even if u go to USA there is no treatment or cure for his ailment. Dr. said patient is suffering from MOTOR NEURON DISEASE. And it is difficult to get rid out of it There was no trt for it. Than he went to ayurvedic Dr. in Nasik. He took ayurvedic medicine

continuously for 3 yrs He also went for homeopathy trt at Thane to Dr. Bhendale. He took homeopathy medicine for 2 mths only as there was no improvement, problems 'were going on increasing, and most of all it was becoming too expensive for him.

He was suggested to go and see Dr. MEHRA. He came to Dr. MEHRA's Clinic at BANDRA for the first time on 12th November 2000' with his cousin sister.

Dr. Mehra diagnosed him and told that he will be ok, but it will take 2 yrs. Everyday regular trt will be required for him He dropped his studies in 1999' for he was becoming weak and he required rest.

Patient told that he cannot afford for the treatment as he even could not do any work. So he was told to join the clinic as receptionist of the clinic and since 1st Dee 2000 he is working in clinic as receptionist. He is taking treatment regularly from last 6 yrs. He is much better now. Spending his normal routine life.

Case History 16

Mrs. Humera

Course : Osteoarthritis

“ I had been on a wheel chair since 15 years due to unbearable knee pain. I had never even dreamt that one day I will be able to stand on my own legs.  But thanks to Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra's Neurotherapy, I can now walk on my legs without any support.”

Case History 17

Mr. Mukesh

Course : Kidney stone

“ Stones in my kidney had made me miserable. The doctors advised me to immediately go for an operation, but considering my friend’s advice, I went for Neurotherapy treatment.  After one month’s treatment, no stones were detected in the sonography.  This is indeed a divine therapy.”  

Case History 18

Ms. Tanushree

Course : Bamboo spine

“ I had lost all hope and the pain in my back was getting worse.  After continuous sessions of Neurotherapy treatment, my pain has completely subsided within one month. "

Case History 19

Ms. Bhavna

Course : Mild factor 8 deficiency

“ Doctors told me that there is no cure for my ailment.  But after 6 months of Neurotherapy treatment, I have been completely cured.  This is a miracle.”

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