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Do's & Dont's of Neurotherapy to be Followed by patients

Do's & Dont's of Neurotherapy to be Followed by patients

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Do's & Dont's of Neurotherapy to be Followed by patients

Healthy Living

Important rules for healthy living to be followed by all:

The following rules may be remembered while having food or drinking water:

Take breakfast after a minimum gap of 45 minutes after cold water bath. Chew food well so that it is mixed thoroughly with saliva. Do not drink water while eating any solids.

Avoid salt, sugar and papad or have it in small quantity. Keep away from tea, coffee and items made from maida (refined flour). Drink water at regular intervals, up to a maximum of 2 litres daily. But do not drink water immediately after having tea, coffee, milk or fruits such as water melon.

vii. Have plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables mainly those grown in your region.

Keep away from non vegetarian food, liquor, drugs, cigarettes, tobacco etc. Those who have pains in the body should avoid sour items of food such as tomatoes, tamarind, curd, butter milk etc. till pain subsides.

The following rules may be remembered at the time of going to bed and on getting up:

Have a light dinner; go to bed only after two hours after food. However one should go to bed latest by 10.30 pm.

While lying down, first lie down sideways and later lie on your back; while getting up, turn sideways and later get up with the support of the palms/hand.

While sleeping, ensure that both the mind and body are relaxed. Do not sleep with your head beneath your elbow. Sleep with your legs fully stretched out for proper circulation. Sleep with windows open for ventilation. Always sleep in complete darkness.

Arise while it is dark; i.e., wake up before sunrise. After getting up, chant God’s name and arise with positive thoughts.

vii. Do not get out of the bed in a hurry . Sit for at least 10-15 seconds before getting out of bed. If you wish to drink cold water, wait for a short while before having it.

In all seasons, take bath only in cold water. Have breakfast after a minimum gap of 45 minutes after bath.

As far as possible, avoid items made from maida, sugar, salt and papad because:

Maida is extremely fine, has no fibre or roughage and so causes constipation. Also, it forms a fine paste which may tend to adhere to the walls of the stomach and the intestine. Thereby the digestive juices cannot come out properly. Hence food cannot be digested properly. This is the root cause for chronic disorders.

Sugar in excess quantity may lead to Diabetes Mellitus. Papad and other such snacks contain extra salt which is harmful.Salt in excess leads to high BP.

Do’s and Don’ts For Better Living

To avoid disease, one should lead a regular life style and eat simple balanced diet. One should practice the following :

l One should always get up in the morning before sunrise. The room should be dark, while you are sleeping. If light is coming in the room you tend to close your eyes tightly. This has an adverse effect on the brain. It brings heaviness to the head which remains throughout the day and one feels irritated. Let us remember the proverb : "Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise."

l One should not wake up with unpleasant thoughts, otherwise the whole day becomes gloomy. It is therefore good to wake up taking God's name and with pleasant thoughts.

l One should not get out of bed immediately as soon as he wakes up. Instead, one should sit for 10 to 15 seconds and then should get out of bed. Otherwise the balance of the body is disturbed.

l As one gets up from sleep during winter, whether it is morning, afternoon or any other time, the feet should not have direct contact with the floor. Either one should wear slippers, or wait for five minutes and then put the feet on the floor. Otherwise one may catch cold which can lead to sinus problems.

l When one gets up from sleep one should not drink water immediately, but should wait for 5 minutes and then one should drink water.

l In the morning, a minimum difference of 45 minutes should be kept between taking cold water bath and breakfast. After a person takes cold water bath, the blood circulation slows down and body relaxes. The glands and muscles also function at a slower rate. It takes about 45 minutes for the glands, muscles and other parts of the body to warm up to their original functioning. Therefore, the time after bath may be devoted to prayers / meditation. If this time difference is not kept, it will lead to gastric problems. Bear in mind that bath should be taken first and breakfast thereafter.

l At night, there should be a minimum gap of atleast 2 hours between dinner and going to bed. Any physical activity done during this time will lead to indigestion and related stomach disorders.

l If the way one lies down or gets up from the bed is not correct, then it may lead to a number of diseases. One must always turn sideways, either to the left or right, fold both the legs at the knees, and should lie down or get up, with the support of the upper arm. When one lies down or gets up straight without taking a side turn, gastric glands will be pulled upwards and this may lead to asthma, diabetes, heart attack, back pain etc.

l One should always try to sleep in a relaxed and comfortable posture, rather than cramping oneself. Sleep is such a process where all the parts of the body, namely, the brain, nerves, organs, glands, muscles etc., are relaxed and ­function slowly after long hours of work. While sleeping, keep your body loose and relaxed so that you wake up fresh in the morning. Special care should be taken about the position of your hand. Hands should not be taken under the head or above the head while sleeping, as it disturbs the cervical bones and creates anginal pain, spondylitis etc. Unmarried girls should not sleep with one leg crossed over the other. White discharge and irregular periods can be a result of these postures.

l One should sleep in a room which has proper ventilation, so that carbon ­dioxide exhaled should go out. Otherwise, the head gets heavy and remains heavy for the whole day and there is a feeling of tiredness. While sleeping, air ­ventilation should not be stopped. Even if the room has one window it is sufficient as the hot air which is breathed out is light and will go out on its own and the cool fresh air comes in.

l One should not hold urine and stools for long time. Periodical emptying of bowels and bladder will ensure good health.

l For maintaining good health nothing is more valuable than water. 50% of diseases occur due to less intake of water. One should have a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. No artificial drink or aerated water can replace plain water.

l After eating water melon or any fruit, do not drink water for atleast 10 to 15 minutes, as this may lead to fever.

l One should not drink water immediately after tea or milk, as this can lead to loose motions. Atleast give a gap of 10 to 15 minutes.

l In NT it is stressed that everybody must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day in pure form. Water can reach the cells easily by osmotic principle only if nothing is added to it. At the same time, if digestion is to be done properly, water should not be taken along with meals, as it dilutes digestive juices. Water is to be drunk only after half an hour after meals. After walking in the mid-day sun, do not drink cold water directly from the fridge. Natural cold water may be taken.

l Always sit and drink water. Otherwise there will be pain in calf muscles, if you drink water in a standing posture.

l When one notices bubbles rising in stored water, it indicates that the water is polluted.

l During loose motions one should not drink plain water but should add a little salt and sugar to the water. Plain water will lead to more loose motions. If only salt is put in water, that also will lead to loose motions.

l One should have fruits and vegetables according to season. It is a natural phenomenon that fruits like mangoes are available only in hot season. It is clear from nature that one must have seasonal fruits. ­Preserved fruits and ­vegetables are harmful to the health. If the season is changing from summer to monsoon, the chemicals of the body also change to suit them. ­Non ­seasonal vegetables and fruits disturb the chemical balance of the body and cause disease.

l A person who eats food quickly without chewing properly will tend to put on weight. Food should always be eaten slowly and it should be properly chewed, so that maximum saliva mixes with the food. The food that is well chewed is not only easy to digest but also helps to control obesity; as proper chewing leads to early satisfaction and so one tends to eat less amount of food. Also, food should be eaten in small bites, to facilitate digestion.

l A person taking Neurotherapy treatment should not eat nonvegetarian food like meat, fish, chicken, egg etc. Also, pastries and cakes which contain egg should be avoided.

Persons having pain in body and joints or having fever, asthma, swelling etc., should not eat sour things; because sour things increase acidity in the body and symptoms may be aggravated.

Even after the treatment is completed, sour things should not be eaten for further 15 to 20 days. These include tomato, lemon, curds, butter milk, ­tamarind, cocum, orange, mosambi, mango, grapes etc. Patients should also avoid cold drinks and icecream.

Note that those fruits which turn sweet when ripe but are sour when raw should not be eaten by such patients. Fruits which can be eaten by patients ­undergoing treatment for pain are papaya, custard apple, guava, banana, chickoo, figs, sugarcane etc. Sugarcane juice without lemon, coconut water and watermelon also may be taken.

l One should not eat any thing which contains white flour('Maida'). Since maida is bad for health, one should avoid food items such as bread, biscuits, ­noodles, samosa etc. Liquors, cigarettes and tobacco also should be avoided.

l Those patients who get fits should not eat cucumber, pumpkin, musk melon, water melon and gram flour.

l Diabetics should not eat rice, potato, sugar or sweet fruits.

l If you are having cold, do not blow your nose very hard. It can damage the ear through the eustachian tube. Nasal drops to relieve blocked nose should not be used, as their effect is temporary. NT treatment gives lasting effect.

l When giving bath to small children, first put a little water on the head ­avoiding the ears, then on the shoulders; thereafter put more water over head and ears; otherwise the head will suddenly become cool and the gasping child may inhale water along with air. This precaution applies to adults also.

l Antibiotics destroy vitamin K of the body which may lead to prolonged or excessive bleeding through wounds. Hence, at such times more ­quantity of vitamin K should be included in the diet.

l Do not remove wax from ears. Do not put even a drop of oil in the ear. Use of ear buds should be avoided. Antibiotics, nicotine and excessive use of coffee can cause deafness.

l When an infant vomits, it should be in the form of curds and not in the form of milk. Vomiting in the form of milk indicates indigestion. Similarly, undigested or semi-­digested food in the stools is a sign of indigestion. All these can be easily corrected by NT treatment.

l When one gets cramps, the hands should be raised above the head and fingers should be clicked for 15 - 20 seconds and the cramps will quickly subside.

l One should not have intercourse during fever, otherwise the fever will worsen. After intercourse one should not drink water. One may drink luke-warm milk with sugar. Also, between dinner and intercourse there should be a difference of 2 hours; because it takes 2 to 3 hours for the food which is in solid form, to get converted into semi liquid form.

l In pregnancy if a woman takes pain killing drugs, antibiotics, steroids etc., then there is a preponderance of diseases in the child. Appropriate NT ­treatment is most suitable in these cases.

l During menses, if there is more bleeding, the woman should drink milk in more quantity. The bleeding will be reduced. However hot milk should not be taken as it may increase the bleeding. Also, cold milk from the fridge should not be taken.

l Ladies who are breast-feeding their babies, should not drink too much water at a time.

l Ladies who get menses during pregnancy, may have retarded children. They should take appropriate NT treatment during pregnancy.

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