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How to Judge

How to Judge

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How to Judge

How to judge the efficacy of LMNT treatment

Before we start the treatment we check the LMNT pain points of the patient and then again, after treatment we once again check the same pain points. And it can be demonstrateds time and again, that the pain/hardness/tenderness in one or more of the pain points is reduced, as affirmed by the patient. And this is how the efficacy of LMNT is proved instantly.

Duration of treatment

In most cases, regular treatment produces almost a permanent relief from the ailment. Duration of treatment varies from person to person, depending upon the person’s constitution; the average being between a week to 10 days for ordinary ailments, to about a year or more for chronic ailments.


In this technique, the emphasis is not on curing the symptoms alone; the success of the therapy lies in the fact that the body organs are gently stimulated so that they automatically start resuming their original functions all by themselves. When taken for a number of days, LMNT treatment has been seen to bring about a substantial improvement in the quality of health.

Due to the above methodology, it is not surprising that LMNT is able to bring enormous relief in almost all patients. Most patients claim that their hunger and sleep is much improved, and they have a better energy level than before treatment. Excellent results have been seen in a wide range of ailments over the past six decades. Yet, we enumerate only a few where success has been obtained in a reasonably short period:-

  • All types of gastric problems, including peptic and duodenal ulcers.
  • Various menstrual/gynaecological disorders such as irregular periods, pain during menses and including hypo-plastic uterus, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids etc.
  • Normalization of blood pressure, blood sugar level, serum cholesterol, serum uric acid, including an improvement in T3,T4 levels and a corresponding reduction of TSH levels.
  • Over the last decade, a number of patients with gall stones or kidney stones, prolapse of uterus etc have been benefited through LMNT treatment, all over the country, without recourse to surgical procedures.
  • In addition, LMNT has had extraordinary success in bringing a substantial improvement in the quality of life of children with various disorders branded as ‘incurable.’ This list includes mental retardation, Down syndrome, Fanconi’s syndrome, Attention deficiency disorders, (ADHD) dyslexia, ataxia, fits, autism epilepsy etc.
Points to be remembered during diagnosis & treatment
  • Application of pressure cannot be done in a random sequence. The general rule for proper peristaltic movement, is: right follows left – i.e., first stimulate the organs on the right side of the navel and then stimulate the organs on the left side of the navel. A reverse order can cause constipation; and is to be resorted to only when we wish to arrest the peristalsis, eg., as while treating frequent loose motions.
  • Pains on specific sides of navel are associated with opposing symptoms. Pains on the left side of the navel are accompanied by one or more symptoms of acidosis; while symptoms of alkalosis are accompanied by pains on the right side of the navel.
  • Removal of the pains by appropriately diverting the blood flow, cures most associated symptoms. As a corollary to the above observation, Dr. Mehra theorizes by saying that both ovaries and both kidneys perform different functions, since pain in these regions are associated with contradictory symptoms.
  • In patients with high BP, pain is seen in the region of the flesh just above the right kidney and this is often accompanied by whitish watery urine, while pain on the opposite side is associated with yellow concentrated urine, which may sometimes produce a burning sensation, corroborating our contention that it is a symptom of acidosis.
  • In chronic cases, mixed symptoms and pains may be found. Hence, even for the same disease and/or person, the treatment will be different. For example a diabetic who normally has loose motions will be given a different treatment on the day when he has constipation, and both treatments will be found to be effective in reducing his blood sugar.
  • In LMNT, disorders due to infection and those due to inflammation are to be treated differently. When we stimulate the area of the sternum just above the thymus gland, it is found to increase immunity and is found to benefit patients suffering from infectious disorders. So it is theorized that this region stimulates the thymus gland.
  • But when we stimulate the area of the back between the sixth and twelvth thoracic vertebra, in a particular fashion, it is found to reduce inflammatory conditions. We strongly believe that this treatment stimulates the adrenal cortex. It has been found that stimulation of the thymus in inflammatory conditions, or stimulation of the adrenal cortex in infections aggravates the situation.

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