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Sample Question Paper

Sample Question Paper

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Sample Question Paper


Annual Examination             9th batch         December   2012


Instructions :                          Total Marks 100                Time : 3 hours
  •  All questions are compulsory.
  • Draw neat and labelled diagrams  wherever necessary.
  • Marks for each question are indicated on the right.
  1. Q.  Attempt any TEN:-                                                  (20)

    State whether the statements given below are True or False. 

    1. Spleen forms RBC’s during fetal life only.
    2. All digestive juices work in an acidic medium
    3. HDL is a bad cholesterol.
    4. RBC’s which are more than 150 days old are destroyed in the pancreas
    5. Vitamin B12 can be absorbed only in the presence of ‘Extrinsic factor’, a protein secreted by the gastric mucosa.
    6. About 280 litres are filtered through the glomeruli of the kidneys and only 5 litres approx. is passed out as urine per day, while the rest is re absorbed.
    7. Pulmonary arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart to the lungs.
    8. Oestrogen is released by graafian follicles in the blood stream in second half of menstrual cycle. AS`Ä{j"n
    9. High levels of Sodium in blood causes muscle stiffness and low BP.
    10. Sensory nerves carry impulses form the CNS to the different organs.
    11. Liver receives de-oxygenated blood from hepatic vein.
    12. In Asthmathe lumen of air passages is narrowed due to inflammation
  2. Q .  Illustrate by labelled diagrammatic representation any TWO of the following:                                         (16)
    1. Nt. Diagnostic points      
    2. Urinary System and Alveoli
    3. Female Reproductive System and sperm
  3.  Q.   Explain the functions of any TWO of the following:-                       (16)
    1.  Blood    
    2. Liver                                 
    3. Spleen and Adrenal Medulla
  4. Q.  A.   Explain what changes are bought about in the body when the  following NT points are stimulated ?                  (any FOUR)                                                   (8)
    1.  ½ Ku 20 seconds and 60 seconds
    2. (6) Med
    3. Standing point
    4. Thymus
    5. Thyroid P
    6. Necklace
  5. Describe the effects of the  following on the human body & explain the Neurotherapy treatment that can be prescribed. (any FOUR)                        (16)
    1. High levels of tri glycerides in the blood     
    2. Mother has high BP during pregnancy
    3. Blood supply  is less in the kidney
    4. Low count of RBC
    5. The colour of the urine is dark yellow
    6. Black pigmentation appears on the skin
  6. Discuss the importance of the following in the body      (any EIGHT)                 (16)
  7. Oxygen   Sodium Bicarbonate  
    Calcium   8th Cranial Nerve  
    Secretin   Myelin Sheath  
    Tonsils   Thrombus  
    Epiglottis   Cerebro spinal fluid  
    Prolactin   Seminal Fluid  
Neurotherapy Diploma Exam-  NEUROTHERAPY-  THEORY PAPER 2 -  Sample copy

 DR. LAJPATRAI MEHRA'S NEUROTHERAPY ACADEMY        SURYAMAL,   WADA                                        

                                             NEUROTHERAPY DIPLOMA ANNUAL EXAMINATION    

                                         NEUROTHERAPY- THEORY PAPER  2

                                        Total Marks 100                Time : 3 hours


Most questions have several choices. Please answer only as many as indicated.  

  1. Attempt any Nine:- (9 marks)
    State whether the statements given below are True or False.
    1. जिन्हें पेट या डुओडेनम में अल्सर यानि घाव हो, उन्हें ‘Gas only’ देना चाहिये | ‘
    2. NT में ह्रदय रोग के मरीजों को Loveleen point दे सकते हैं.
      Loveleen point may be given to patients of heart disorders.
    3. सीरम को सुखाने के लिए NT में (2) Adr देते हैं.
      For drying up serum we give (2) Adr in LMNT.
    4. (1) Para के द्वारा ribosomes को उकसाते हैं जो cancer को बढ़ाता है.
      By (1) Para we stimulate ribosomes which will increase cancer.
    5. Prolapse of uterus के मरीज को (2) Pit (6) WD देना चाहिये.
      (2) Pit (6) WD is to be given to patients of Prolapse of uterus.
    6. 1,25 DCC ट्रीटमेंट में( 7) Livयह 7,HCC नामक केमिकल के लिए दिया गया है.
      In 1,25 DCC formula (7) Liv  is given for the chemical 7,HCC
    7. न्यूरोथेरपी के अनुसार Rt. Vitamin formation से alkali बढती है.
      Rt. Vitamin formation increases alkali,  according to Neurotherapy.
    8. G. Heparin सिर्फ क्लोट्स को खोलता है. 
      G. Heparin only opens clots.
    9. डॉक्टर लाजपतराय मेहरा न्यूरोथेरपी अॅकैडमी की स्थापना सन् 1992 को हुआ.
      Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra's Neurotherapy Academy, Suryamal was established in the year 1992.
    10. Multi heparin formula में (½) Ku – 6 secs x 8 treatments histamine के लिए दिया गया है.
      In Multi heparin formula - (½) Ku – 6 secs x 8 treatments is given to produce histamine.
    11. Feather touch treatment सन् 2011 में बनाया गया.  Feather touch treatment was made in the year 2011. 
      1. Write the following NT formulae. Give two diseases or symptoms for each.
        Attempt any four only. Each question carries four marks
        (Total 4x4 = 16 marks)
        1. New Genes formula
        2. Oxygen hormonal formula
        3. Vater + New Gal treatment
        4. A. Heparin and J. Heparin
        5. New UDF changed
        6. Metabolic formula and Formula number 4
      2. Match the following.  Answer any Nine Only.                       (Total 9x1 = 9 marks)
      3. Give short answers for any five of the following. Each question carries two marks. ( 5 x 2 = 10 marks )
      4.  Give answers for SIX  questions only. Each question carries FOUR marks      (Total 6x4 =24 marks)
        1. शुभ कामना मंत्र और महा मृत्युंजय मंत्र लिखिए.
          Write Shubh kamna mantra and Maha Mrutyunjay mantra.
        2. निम्न बिमारियों में कौन सा मेडिकल टेस्ट करवाना है ?
          Which tests are to be done for the following diseases?
          AVN            Cancer               Paralysis                 MD
        3. इन्फ्लामेशन और सूजन में अंतर बताकर LMNT `द्वारा इन्फ्लामेशन ठीक करने का LMNT उपचार लिखिये.  
          Write the difference between inflammation and swelling and write the formula for treating inflammation through LMNT.
        4. हाइपोथायराइडिज्म का ट्रीटमेंट फार्मूला लिखकर हर पॉइंट का लॉजिक एवं उपयोग भी लिखिये.
          Write the treatment formula for hypo-thyroidism and write the logic for each point and its use.
        5. Fits के मरीजों को हम कौन से सात केमिकल टेस्ट करने के लिए कहते हैं उनके नाम लिखकर फिट्स का मुख्य उपचार लिखिये.
          For fits patients, which 7 chemicals do we ask them to test – write the names; also write one important formula for treating fits.
        6. HCl फार्मूला लिखकर उसके सभी पॉइंट का लॉजिक बताइये.
          Write the formula of HCl and write the logic for each point.
        7. मासिक धर्म समय से पहले आये तो उसके सभी कारण लिखकर हर एक कारण का मुख्य उपचार लिखिये.
          Write the various reasons for early menses and also write one treatment for each.
        8. स्वस्थ जीवन बिताने के नियम लिखिये.
          Write the rules for healthy living.
      5. न्यूरोथेरपी क्या है? न्यूरोथेरपी के जनक कौन हैं? उनका जन्म कब और कहाँ हुआ?
        न्यूरोथेरपी के कम से कम 8 मुख्य मान्यतायें लिखिये.
        What is Neurotherapy ? Who is the father of Neurotherapy ?     
        Where and when was he born ?
        Write at least 8 important assumptions of LMNT.                           8 marks 
      6. Give detailed answers for THREE questions only.
        Each question carries EIGHT marks                                 (Total 3X8 = 24 marks)
        1. न्यूरोथेरपी के अनुसार acidosis and alkalosis का महत्व बताकर उन दोनों का अंतर भी बताइये.
           Write the importance of acidosis and alkalosis in LMNT and also write the differences between both.
        2.  न्यूरोथेरपी के एंटीरियर यानि सामने के एवं पोस्टीरियर यानि पीछे के डायग्नोसिस पॉइंट दोनों का नामांकित चित्र बनाइये.
          By means of labelled diagrams show the diagnostic points of LMNT from anterior (front side) and posterior (backside).
        3. Complement System लिख कर हर एक पॉइंट किस लिए दिए गए हैं लिखिये.
          Write Complement System in full and give the reasoning for each point.
        4. बच्चों में मेंटली एवं फिजिकली विकलांग होने के मुख्य कारण लिखिये.
          Write the important reasons for mental and physical retardation in children.
        5. न्यूरोथेरपी में बीमारीयों का डायग्नोसिस किस प्रकार किया जाता है सविस्तार समझाइये.
          Explain in detail how diseases are diagnosed through LMNT.

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